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How To Get 1000 Daily Visitors To Your Blog

Here are 5 strategies to show you how to get 1000 daily visitors to your blog. Do proper Google keyword analysis, write great content, post consistently and be patient.

How To Get 1000 Daily Visitors To Your Blog

Traffic. Traffic. Traffic. It is the holy grail of blogging. You can have the greatest product in the world, but without traffic, you’re sunk.

how to get 1000 daily visitors to your blog

It does not matter if you’re doing a podcast, email marketing or blogging getting enough traffic is crucial.

Without it, you will NOT be successful.


Let me guess…

You have a blog. It’s pretty. You have a few blog posts. Great Images etc. But no one is home.

You check your stats in Google Analytics, and nothing. Crickets. A ghost town.

Sound familiar?

Maybe you’re close to giving up.

Don’t do it. Help is on the way.

No. Help is here!

So how to you go from nothing to 1000 daily visitors?

As I mentioned there are 4 key strategies that, if implemented consistently and correctly, will get you well on your way to 1000 daily visitors and beyond.

So let’s dig in…

How To Get 1000 Daily Visitors To Your Blog

Before we get started, there’s one thing I need you to do.

Make a commitment to yourself to see this thing through no matter what.

You may want to write that down…

Say it out loud… I WILL NOT QUIT!

It’s going to take a lot of work. It will get tough sometimes. But I promise you it will be worth it.

Although this is hard, it really isn’t complicated. Just follow the strategies and the traffic will come.


Okay. Cool. Let’s go.

Google Keyword Analysis

As you know, Google has become such a juggernaut in searching for topics of interest on the web, it has become a verb!

If you’re going to get free organic traffic, understanding how keyword research/analysis works is crucial.

Keyword Analysis is such an extensive subject that I could write a book on the topic. That said, it’s beyond the scope of this post to go into great detail.

However, I will be writing a more detailed post very soon so bookmark this post and check back soon.

But here are the basics…

  • Understand your target audience
  • Use Long Tail Keywords (5 words or more)
  • Use Google suggest for additional keyword ideas

To summarize, study your target audience to understand how they might be searching for content. In other words, what keyword phrases they are using.

Make a list of those phrases.

Type them into Google and pay attention to the additional keywords Google suggests.

Particularly note the longer phrases (long-tail) these make excellent choices, especially for answer posts.

Once you’ve established some presence and are getting some traffic, you’ll want to go after shorter phrases – more competitive keywords. This is where your longer content comes into play.

Speaking of content…

How To Get 1000 Daily Visitors To Your Blog

Write Great Content

I’m sure you’ve heard this before. Content is king. Write great content.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

But what does this really mean?

What kind of content?

How much content?

How often do you write?

Well let me answer your questions.

There are basically three kinds of content. Answer. Staple. And Pillar.

Initially, if you have a relatively new blog, you want an equal mix of all three. As your domain gains more authority you should add more staple and pillar posts.

How To Get 1000 Daily Visitors To Your Blog

Answer Post

As the name implies, an answer post gives an answer to your target audience. These posts are direct, succinct and are usually around 1000-1500 hundred words. This is considered a short-form post.

Google likes posts of at least 1000 words to rank.

Answer posts are generally specific, and a response to “long-tail keyword phrases” that the person searching has typed into Google.

So why are “Answer Posts” important?

Well, they serve a few different objectives.

• They provide a great user experience. By answering their question, you add value and make yourself a resource that your audience will want to return to.

• They are usually answering searches that are less competitive and therefore easier to rank

• They help with website authority.

As a new website, google will not trust your blog right away. By ranking for easier long-tail search phrases first, you get some “quick” wins.

As a result, google will see that you’re providing answers and begin to slowly attribute “authority” to your site.

• Done correctly, they prevent Pogo Sticking.

Pogo sticking occurs when a user does a search, clicks on a result then quickly clicks back to the Google search results page.

This signals to Google that the user was dissatisfied with the result and went looking elsewhere. Since the result did not provide an answer Google will move that result further down in the rankings.

How To Get 1000 Daily Visitors To Your Blog

Staple Posts

These are the posts where you go into more detail. They usually range from 2000-3000 words. While they relate to the subject they can be more broad and focus on related aspects of the user’s search.

Lists are often staple posts like my 24 Essential WordPress Plugins. Done correctly they gain a lot of traffic. Many times they are revisited over and over.

In short, they are…

• Usually Lists and in-depth answers or response

• Goal is to be better than other resources

• Might call these bread and butter

How To Get 1000 Daily Visitors To Your Blog

Pillar Posts

These are the “Mac Daddy” of them all. They are competitive and should be the definitive resource for the user.

They are usually guides or tutorials. They’re usually 3500 hundred words or more.

Furthermore, they serve as a pillar that links to other internal resources on your blog.

While answer posts got you some “quick” wins/rankings and staple posts are your “bread and butter”, pillar posts are where the “magic” really happens.

It’s here where you have the opportunity to establish authority and brand yourself as an expert.

Moreover, they are often responsible for bringing in the bulk load of traffic.

You’re going to want to create these type of posts last after you’ve gained some presence on google.

(This is why you should concentrate on writing answer posts first.)

Keep in mind these are deep-dive posts that require extensive research and take some time to write. Because of this it may be a good time to start outsourcing your content creation.

It’s important, though, to train your writers and not just copy and paste the content to your blog. You want to customize the writing to your “voice”.

Also, you’ll want to link from your pillar post to other more specific content that provides additional detail.

How To Get 1000 Daily Visitors To Your Blog

Post Consistently

So how often should you post?

How much content should you post?

According to Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler of the Income School, you should crank out your first 30 articles as fast as possible (preferable in the first 60 days).

be consistent

From there, you should be publishing at least 10 new posts a month.

By the way, it’s easy to get sidetracked and focus on other things.

Don’t do it.

The absolute, Number 1 thing you can do to make your blog successful is to keep creating useful, valuable content for your audience. Everything else is secondary.

Obviously you’ll want to monetize but without a healthy community (traffic) coming to your site, monetization is useless.

How To Get 1000 Daily Visitors To Your Blog

Be Patient

This is where the rubber meets the road. This process is not complicated, but it can be emotionally and psychologically tough.

In the beginning, for instance, you’ll be creating most of this content yourself and need to be committed to doing so.

This, in and of itself, can be extremely taxing. But the real challenge is doing all that work and not seeing much, if any results.

That’s right. It will take months (usually 6-8 months) before you begin to see any significant progress.

You’ll be writing to, what appears to be, a “ghost town”, tumbleweeds and all.

But take heart. This is totally normal.


Google is slow. The ranking process takes time.

As you can see from the graph below, it can take up to a year to rank in the top 10 on Google. You’ll also notice that the higher volume keywords take the longest.

This is why you should target the less competitive keyword first via answer posts.


So buckle up. Settle in.

If you practice the strategies outlined here – THE TRAFFIC WILL COME!

As the saying goes; “this is chess not checkers”.

In Conclusion

You have everything you need to be a successful blogger. Just take action.

In closing here are a few bonus tips:

This is not Field of Dreams. They will NOT come just because you build it.

  • It’s important that you write the content that your target audience is looking for
  • Write as an authority – they are looking for an answer and your expertise, so give it to them
  • Don’t copy someone else’s style – you are unique so be YOU
  • Don’t be afraid to promote
  • Keep learning – find a mentor. Trust me it will save you a ton of time

After going down numerous rabbit holes, I happened on the guys at the Income School. As far as I’m concerned, the absolute best training course on the web, is Project24!

They provide real, solid information that is actionable and effective. No pie in the sky nonsense.

Finally, if you want to know more about getting traffic check out my post How To Increase Website Ranking For Free [10 Tips]

One last thing, if you like my content PLEASE bookmark, like and share. It helps a lot!

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