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Affiliate Marketing Content Strategy – 6 Easy Steps

In this article I will outline a proven Affiliate Marketing Content Strategy…

If you are already an affiliate working with several brands and businesses that you are enthusiastic, passionate, and excited about, we salute you!

But what is next?

In this article I will outline a proven…

Affiliate Marketing Content Strategy

These are my 6 easy steps for an affiliate marketing content strategy. 1. Authenticity. 2. Know your audience. 3. Tell a story. 4. Mix it up. 5. Apply a schedule. 6. Think SEO.

affiliate marketing content strategy

You are likely still looking to grow the reach of your affiliate marketing content.

However, you have likely found that there is more to it than just posting the affiliate links and waiting for the money to come in.

Content for affiliate marketers can range from a shortlist to detailed product analysis.

There are multiple opportunities available to you, but to capitalize on them, you must first learn how to write affiliate articles that translate into sales.

According to Statista, affiliate marketing spending in the United States is expected to reach $8.2 billion by 2022, and you want to make sure some of that astronomical number of dollars lands in your pocket.

While content development and generation take thought and creativity, there are some great tips for coming up with unique, high-quality, value-filled content.

Let us look at six simple tips for generating content for affiliate marketing.

1. Authenticity Is Key

If there is any predominant aspect of successful affiliate marketing to consider, it is certainly that of staying authentic.


If you run a niche site but are posting affiliate links for products or services entirely unrelated to your main niche, your audience will see you as being inauthentic, and simply trying to cash in on affiliate dollars.

That will turn many of your visitors off and earn your site a bad reputation, which is the last thing any business needs.

By being honest, and sticking to what you know, you will receive respect from your visitors for your authentic nature.

If you market any product you can get your hands on for a chance at a sale, you are risking alienating your potentially loyal visitors.

If your audience views you as only interested in making money, rather than supplying them with high-quality content and products, then they will turn to another business that is staying authentic to their theme.

No matter what your niche is, there will be a slew of products relevant to it.

You are much better off sticking to the promotion of and linking to those, especially if you can vouch for their quality and efficacy based on personal experience.

2. Consider What Your Audience Is Looking For

This tip piggybacks the first one in that to produce high-quality content that resonates with your audience, you need to first understand who your audience is, and what they are looking for.

When you do your homework to study and analyze your visitors, there is a payoff in the long run.

Hack: So how do you know your audience? Check out the article I wrote about it – Blogging – Importance Of Knowing Your Target Audience

Keep in mind who your audience is made up of. It could be millennial women or males between the ages of 40 and 55 that comprise the bulk of your visiting demographics.

Knowing your audience is the key to catering to their needs. For example, a rapid-fire article with a bunch of funny or cute gifs peppered in might be a great recipe for a quickly altering attention span of a millennial, while an older audience may be interested in a more data-heavy text block arrangement.

Keep track of your demographic and cater to their desired style for maximum efficiency in affiliate marketing.

3. Tell Them A Story

Readers are always drawn to relatable content. Get the content relevant to their daily lives, and you will see an increase in conversions and growth in revenue.

Uploading a list of ten items with a dull title and cheesy captions is not going to put you on anyone’s ‘must read’ list.

Start with setting the scene and illustrating to the readers something about your own life.

Write a summary or post that makes it easy for your visitors to picture themselves using this product or service.

Making the affiliate material personal to you would help your readers connect with your words on an emotional level.

This will win your audience’s confidence, and they will come to trust your suggestions.

4. Mix Things Up

While you do need to know your audience and cater the content to what they are seeking to consume, rehashing the same type of affiliate article style will get tiresome and boring.

You can continue to serve the same audience base without the uniformity of putting out the content in the same style or content of similar nature.

Consider mixing up the writing style, the length of your articles, and their overall nature.

Mixing in straightforward reviews with how-to guides, articles, Q&A listings, comparison guides, and a variety of other styles.

Not only will this help keep new content coming, but it will also afford you more versatility in its delivery and keep things fresh.

5. Establish A Content Schedule

Readers are more drawn to blogs and sites that deliver new content at regularly scheduled times.

If a reader visits the blog hoping to find new content, but you only publish to it sporadically, they will become turned off.


People like consistency and regularity, which means that they are more likely to be repeat visitors to your site if they know you publish new content on certain days of the week.

Writing consistently and regularly, while updating with value-driven, fresh material is the best way to keep regular visitors coming back.

Provide your visitors with high-quality content that is seasonal or evergreen. Seasonal content allows you to cater to a niche audience.

6. Always Think In Terms Of SEO

Appealing to your readers is crucial, but you will have a hard time having your site put in front of visitors’ eyes in search engines if you do not qualify for high rankings in Google.


To do so, you must emphasize the use of SEO tactics.

By leveraging SEO, your site will organically rise higher in the search engine rankings, which makes it more likely to be noticed by prospective visitors.

This could really boost your affiliate marketing efforts exponentially.

While it is great to have an article that draws readers in and has them clicking on your affiliate links for a week between new content posts, it is a whole different level of scalability to organically attract new readers for months or years.

SEO allows your site to persistently rank high in Google, which means that people seeking the topic you provide information for will visit your site and click on your affiliate links for years to come.

If you’d like more information on SEO, read my article – Why Your Business Needs SEO In 2022

In Conclusion

Of course, you’ve heard the expression; “content is king”. It is cliché, but it’s still true. The trick is to write great, relevant and timely content. If you apply these strategies, you can do just that.

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