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Are Pinterest Ads Worth It In 2022?

How do Pinterest ads work?

Not too long ago, someone asked my advice on Pinterest Ads! This person wanted to know…

Are Pinterest Ads Worth It?

are pinterest ads worth it

I answered back with: it depends. In the past, albeit only with a small budget, I tried out some campaigns with varied success.

While I was trying Pinterest Ads, I was also reading everything I could find about these Ads from Pinterest’s own website and many other sources.

If now (many months later) someone asks me the same question I can confidently say: it depends.

I’m sorry, but this is the truth. The success of your Pinterest Ads depends on so many things including –

  • knowing your audience
  • if you can solve their problems
  • if they are on Pinterest (it is highly likely that they are)

If you are sure that you got these three things covered then I would so go for it.

Also, If you’ve tried Facebook Ads before, you might be pleasantly surprised when you try Pinterest Ads.

Here’s a warning, don’t even think about Pinterest Ads, Facebook, and Instagram Ads if you are just randomly going to promote your pins without your audience in mind, clear goals, and how to achieve them.

Pinterest’s Promoted Pin Costs Are Comparatively Low

Regardless of the platform you choose, you will have to invest some money and try different strategies until you find out which one works for you.

Thankfully, the costs of running ads on Pinterest are still low (compared to Facebook).

Here’s some great news: right now, as I’m writing this, Pinterest is giving away Ad Credits to new advertisers.

These Ad credits have a value of 100 bucks and are as far as I know for US-based advertisers only!

Here is how Pinterest’s Ad credits work: As soon as you purchase $10 on ads, you’ll earn $60 in ad credit. This deal is great, especially if you are on a budget! (these prices are subject to change anytime)

Pinterest Ad Credit

If you visit Pinterest’s website, you’ll find out that nowhere on there do they promote the $60 Ad Credits (at least not while I was writing this piece). But I dug around a little and found this link: Claim a $60 Pinterest Ad Credit here.

Receiving $70 in ad value on Pinterest Ads while only having to spend $10, seems like a no-brainer to me if you truly want to try out Promoted Pins, etc.

Even though, I personally like and prefer organic, non-paid traffic, I have to say, I find Pinterest Ads quite fascinating if used correctly, so I’ve decided to create a series of blog posts about them.

I’ll start with some facts!

Numbers and statistics

83% of weekly Pinners purchased an item because of the Pins they saw from brands. (Source)

Contrary to most other platforms, Pinterest Ads are usually not labeled as intrusive and annoying by users.

Most Pinterest users are female with high purchasing intention and spending power. Actually, here is an exact breakdown of this statistic:

  • Approximately two-thirds of Pinterest users are female
  • 48% of Pinterest users see shopping as a top priority (Cowen and Company Survey)
  • The majority of Pinterest users have an annual income of over $75,000 (Pew Research Study).

How do Pinterest Ads work?

Most Pinterest users will agree that Pinterest ads are nicely integrated into the Pinterest experience and are unobtrusive. The Ads are also marked as ads but usually blend well into the search results or feed.

Another benefit of Pinterest ads is that advertisers find them easy to set up. However, when things become too comfortable, it brings with it a particular risk.

That said, it is important to not just throw money into Ads, but actually sit down and plan your ad campaign out.

Are Pinterest Ads Worth It?

Main Disadvantage:

The targeting possibilities of Pinterest Ads are not as complete, advanced and sophisticated as Facebook Ads.

Main Advantages:

  • Pinterest Ads are easier to set up than Facebook Ads.
  • With Pinterest advertisers can achieve a low CPC (cost per click)while simultaneously reach their target group.

One lesser-known advantage of Pinterest Ads is that the advertised Pins stays on the platform when the campaign ends and all interactions that occur from then on are also entirely free.

When it comes to traffic campaigns, Pinterest bills based on CPC – something you’ll rarely find on other platforms.

With this setup, you’ll only have to pay for clicks and not impressions or repins. So if a Pinterest user saves the advertised pin in one of her/his board, you don’t pay a cent for this.

As an advertiser, you should view Pinterest as what it truly is; a long-term game.

Pinners often make boards for specific events (for example, living room decoration) and will save this board for weeks or even months before they decide what to purchase.

This is great because this helps you get clicks for free even after the campaign has ended!

The verdict on Pinterest Ads

So are Pinterest ads worth it? YES! They are low-cost compared to Facebook and other platforms. They only charge you when the ad is clicked. Unlike Facebook your pin stays on the platform even after you stop paying to promote it AND (as of this writing) they are offering $60 of ad credit when you spend the first $10.00!


If getting more qualified traffic is something that you want. Then it would be wise to invest a few dollars in Pinterest Ads.

Just know that you’ll have to try some things that may not work out. So be prepared for that. But that is not only for Pinterest, with all platforms it will be a case of trial and error.

Don’t forget, you can only take advantage of the offer when you have spent $10 on Ads first.

Before you start your Ad campaign, make sure you know at least the basics about Ads. You can start your learning with Pinterest Academy (which is free and by Pinterest).

To be able to take the free courses is by logging in with your Pinterest Account.

For more information on Pinterest go here

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