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Best Link Tracker Software – Top 3

Best link tracker software? Data is the new oil. As an online marketer, you need data, lots of it, to make sense of your affiliate marketing efforts.

You want to know where your site visitors are coming from and what link they click next. You want to know which platform is generating more leads for your business.

best affiliate link tracking software

And of course, it makes business sense to understand which ads, content, newsletter is generating the most ROI.

“According to Incapsula.com‘s 2015 Bot Traffic Report, 48.5% of all web traffic is fake. And if that’s the case, what do you think this could mean for the accuracy of your tracking, your stats, your split tests, and ultimately your profits?”

It’s practically impossible to know all these and more without a proven analytics system to track customers’ behaviors.

Here’s where a link tracker software comes in.

Best Link Tracker – What is a link tracker?

A link tracker is a software that enables you to identify the specific website a visitor is coming from or which ad campaign is generating what leads and sales.

Link trackers are quite handy especially when you are running multiple ads, as you can see how each ad is performing in real terms. It also helps you gain insight into your traffic sources too.

Best Link Tracker – Top 3 Link trackers

In this post, we take a deep dive into three of the top link tracker services on the market today.

Best Link Tracker – Voluum

Voluum is the number tracking solution for affiliates. The cloud-based, AI-powdered ad tracker has a built-in optimization feature that enables marketer iterate and fine-tune campaigns.

best link tracker - voluum

With Voluum you can now track traffic sources, whether it is from Facebook, Taboola, mgid, Outbrain, Google or AppNexus, in one dashboard. That means, instead of hopping between tabs to uncover actionable insights from your ad campaigns, you can do right from one platform.

What you can do with Voluum:

Key features

  • Voluum supports all ad formats. Whether you are running native ads, display banner, pop, email, or search, push ads, social and video, you can manage the ads conveniently.
  • Fraud detection. Voluum helps you detect and protect your campaigns from bots and fake clicks.
  • Track the complex paths your visitors take and maximize conversion.

For A More In Depth View Of Voluum – Read More

Best Link Tracker – Clickmagick

Now you no longer have to waste money on worthless clicks that don’t add up. Clickmagick is the one-stop tracking platform that gives you a bird-eye view of your marketing campaigns in one spot.

best link tracker - clickmagick

What you can do with Clickmagick:

  • Track and optimize your sales funnels
  • Cross-device tracking, so regardless of which device your visitors use, you will be able to track them.
  • Track phone sales – no more guess works. Confidently launch mobile ads knowing you can optimize and track ROI properly.

Key features

  • Block bots automatically.
  • Split-test ads
  • Works on all your advertising platform.
  • Automatic traffic quality analysis. Now you know which traffic source is profitable and which is not.

If you need more information on this software – what it is and a tutorial on how to use it – check out this in depth instructional information.

Best Link Tracker – Redtrack

Redtrack is built for the affiliate marketer, ad agencies, media buyers, ecom site owners and publisher who wants to track, manage and optimize their campaigns.

redtrack affiliate link tracker

What you can do with Redtrack:

  • Detect fraudulent clicks and bot visits.
  • Automate and optimize your ads
  • API integration with traffic sources

Key features

  • Receive real-time reports
  • Get actionable insights into traffic sources and ad performance
  • Supports all ad formats


Verdict: Clickmagick
Website: www.clickmagick.com
Rating: 9.5/10

While there are several link trackers online, the one you finally go for will depend to a large extent on your goals and what you want to achieve.

For us, Voluum is the most comprehensive tracking software, as it offers a robust, feature rich platform that enables you track, manage and optimize your ad campaigns in one place.

However, as a beginner, Clickmagick may be the better choice, as it is a lot more user-friendly, simpler and has enough robust features to still get the job done. I use it myself as I have found it to be far more user-friendly than the others. That, and they are constantly making updates!

Oh, and one more very important thing – CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I had an issue that I was struggling with, and they immediately responded. They even have a video where a rep tells you NOT to research the problem yourself, go to Facebook or YouTube to try and find a solution (as that information might be outdated) but encourages you to CONTACT THEM!!


They also have a 14-Day FREE Trial.

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