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ClickMagick Review – How Does It Work? [2021]

What is ClickMagick, and How Does It Work?

ClickMagick Review…

Are you using software for conversion tracking, but are not getting the results you are looking for?

Perhaps you aren’t using any kind of website visitor tracking software.

If you really want to improve your site’s conversion rates, then you need to look for a link tracker that accommodates your needs.

The following article will go over one program that can achieve just that: ClickMagick.

I have tried out just about every tracking software under the sun over the last five years. Out of everything I used, ClickMagick has become my go-to website tracking program.

Ultimately, if you are not able to determine what your worst and best traffic sources are – as well as the way your website visitors have been converting at various points on your website – then you won’t be able to change anything.

You won’t be able to modify landing pages if you can’t determine which elements are stimulating sales (as well as which ones are not).

Funnel setups can’t be changed if you can’t determine which areas are effective and which ones have been leaking traffic.

Basically, you won’t be able to make choices about what traffic sources you should be focusing on if you can’t determine which of them are sending you quality traffic.

You will pretty much be stuck in a marketing black hole.

When this happens, you will be neglecting sales that your competition will end up taking away from you.

ClickMagick Review: What Is It, and How Can It Help You?

ClickMagick can be described as a powerful and comprehensive click optimizing and tracking tool. Here are some of the features it provides you with:

  • Link rotators (multimode).
  • Click fraud tracking and analysis of traffic quality.
  • Dynamic-link cloaking (including affiliate links).
  • The ability to supplement any link with retargeting pixels.
  • A/B split tests (with winner alerts automated).
  • Simple conversion tracking (for any sale or action).

I have been using the software exclusively for the last two years. Prior to that, I used other types of tracking solutions (5 in total) in an effort to find a program that accommodated my needs.

The very first software that I tried out was quite basic and came with a package (which also came with a website builder and domain hosting), so my expectations weren’t really that high for it.

As for the other four solutions I tried out, they were fine, but I wasn’t blown away by any of them.

Since I wasn’t completely satisfied with the options at my disposal, I continued to look. Before long, I came across ClickMagick and started using it.

I spent some time figuring out how to optimize this program. Fast forward to now, and I can tell you that there’s no way I would run my website without it.

What You’ll Learn

You are about to find out what ClickMagick is comprised of.

My goal here is not to run down all of the things that ClickMagick is capable of. If that is what you are looking for, click here to read a complete list of its features.

My intention is to tell you about the main features it provides. I’ll also give you several pointers to help you get set up. That way, you’ll be able to tap into your site’s traffic and start converting visitors into new customers.

Let’s begin.

Note: consider signing up for ClickMagick with the free trial they offer. Doing so will allow you to implement the things I’m about to talk about.

Integrating Custom Domains with ClickMagick

While ClickMagick does give you a generic URL and domain, you are discouraged from actually using them for a couple of reasons:

  • Branding consistency will be lost if the domain name you chose isn’t used.
  • Others might abuse the generic URL and domain name provided by ClickMagick. If a penalty is imposed on one person, everybody else will suffer.

As such, you are encouraged to use a domain name of your own.

Setting up Customized Tracking Domains with ClickMagick

If you have purchased a domain from a registrar, then you’ll need to configure your domain’s DNS settings.

If your domain points to a different host, then a cPanel dashboard is what you will be using.

The dashboard on your host account or registrar will need to be opened up. Your ClickMagick dashboard will also need to be opened.

Once you get to the ClickMagick dashboard, click: “Tools” > then “Domain Manager” > then “Start Here.”

You will see instructions on what steps to take on your host account or registrar’s dashboard.

Don’t worry – everything you need to do gets easier from here.

Creating Links

We will now start tracking links.

New links will need to be set up for each offer that you create, in addition to any variations of current offers you have.

This is a process you will need to master, as you will be performing it quite frequently.

On your ClickMagick dashboard, click the following:

“Links” > then “Create New Link” > then “Create Link Manually.”

tracking links

This process is fairly straightforward and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. The more you do it, the less time it will take.

If you have uncertainties about what to do, you can always click “Help” in the window’s top-left area. There are also question marks situated beside each box that you can click.

After this part has been completed, ClickMagick will track any clicks that this particular link gets.

Link Group Creation

If you don’t have very many links to be tracked, then you can consider skipping this step. Conversely, if you have several links and multiple offers, this is a function you should definitely use.

Link groups are something I create for all my offers.

Once you get to your ClickMagick dashboard, click the following:

“Tools” > “Group Manager.”

You will then see the following page or one like it:

clickmagick review group manager

It doesn’t get any easier than this. You simply need to choose a name for your group links. Pick one that resonates with you.

Suggested reading: this guide can help online entrepreneurs and small business owners with conversion optimization and click tracking. It was written by ClickMagick’s very own Patrick Kelly.

Traffic Source Tracking/ ClickMagick’s Sub IDs

What is your greatest source of traffic?

Not sure what the answer is? Perhaps you only have a vague idea?

If that’s the case, worry not – you are not alone.

Everybody has difficulty accurately gauging their traffic source quality.

The majority of e-commerce business owners attempt to track metrics by creating new links for each potential traffic source.

The processes can be quite tedious and time-consuming.

Thankfully, ClickMagick can simplify the situation by providing you with “Sub IDs.”

Here is how you can implement this feature:

  • Copy/paste a tracking link you’ve created.
  • If you intend to add it to a social network like Facebook, then add something along the lines of “/fb” on the tail end of the link’s text.
  • To insert a tracking link in your emails, you can add something along the lines of “/email” on the tail end of the link’s text.
  • When a slash and a Sub ID (extra identifying text) are added, you can customize that extra text.

After you prepared your Sub IDs, you’ll have the ability to determine where exactly links are originating from.

They will be fed to your dashboard on ClickMagick, and contain any Sub IDs you’ve given them.

Tracking Pixels: Setting Them Up

Tracking pixels is something not everybody is fond of doing, but it’s necessary. Tracking pixels can help you calculate the amount of people that are visiting both landing and sales pages. They’ll also tell you how many people are taking action in a way that you want them to.

Fortunately, ClickMagick makes it easy to manage tracking pixels.

Click “Tools” > “Tracking Pixels” > “Pixel Builder.”

You will then be exposed to a page that resembles the following:

pixel builder

Upon reaching this point, you can work your way through the page and click any buttons you’re interested in selecting.

If a page you are interested in tracking happens to be on a site managed by WordPress, then you’ll have to click the button marked “Image/HTML.” From there, you will receive a newly generated pixel code, which can be applied to a target page of your choosing.

If you are interested in tracking a page like the ones found on ClickMagick, then you will have to use JavaScript and paste your code into a page’s footer section.

Affiliate Link Cloaking

You won’t have to allocate a lot of time cloaking your affiliate links, as ClickMagick simplifies the process for you. Their system is also quite intuitive.

If you opt to engage in affiliate link cloaking, make sure that the affiliate being linked to permits link cloaking. If they don’t, and you do it anyway, you likely won’t be allowed to use the program anymore.

Affiliate Link Sale Tracking

This might be the most important thing you remember when it comes to affiliate marketing.

You need to track sales from every affiliate network you are working with, as well as the amount you are earning from those programs.

To achieve this, simply follow these links on your dashboard:

“Tools” > “Post-Back URLs” > “Post-Back Builder.”

postback url

When you’re on the page displayed above, choose the approprial affiliate url:

As you can see from the above screenshot, completing the step is fairly easy. The system guides you through the entire process in an easy to understand way.

Once you have this aspect set up properly (in addition to other elements already implemented), you will know the following:

  • The specific pages that people have been landing on.
  • Which links they are clicking.
  • Which of those links have converted to actual sales.
  • The amount of money generated by those sales.

Everything you need to know is found in one place, which makes the dashboard very convenient.

Other Tools and Features That Come with ClickMagick

As you can ascertain, ClickMagick is rich with features.

This article has covered many essential elements, in addition to several features that other click tracking programs don’t provide. Here is a quick recap of other features you can use that aren’t covered in this article:

  • Mobile and GEO targeting: allows you to direct visitors to specific pages depending on where they are situated, and/or a device they are using.
  • Filtering automatic bots: whether they are bad or good, bots can complicate your statistics. Bots are automatically filtered by ClickMagick to keep your statistics accurate.
  • Automatic analysis of traffic quality: a Traffic Quality Score will be assigned to your trackable links, allowing you to gauge the traffic quality that comes in from every source you have.


Choose from a few different plans:

  • Pro plan: you will get all of the main features for $97 a month, in addition to a maximum of 1 million clicks a month. All of the other features are unlimited.
  • Standard plan: you will get all of the main features for $47 a month, in addition to a maximum of 100,000 unique clicks a month. Funnel and organic tracking are also included for up to 5 different websites. You’ll also get 10 different customized tracking domains.
  • Starter plan: you will get all of the main features for $17 a month, in addition to a maximum of 10,000 clicks a month. A pair of customizable tracking domains are included.

A discount of 30% is an option if you pay by the year instead of the month for your subscription.

Customer Support

ClickMagick is a business that is properly run. This company isn’t just going to sell software to you – they’re going to help you with it, too.

The developers of ClickMagick understand that the learning curve this program comes with is fairly steep for any new user. As such, they have a dedicated support team that can help you, as well as comprehensive training programs you can use.

You will see a guide that helps you with link tracking that is quite detailed. “Help” buttons are available on each page, giving you the info you need for any elements being set up.

The response time from ClickMagick’s customer support team is quite fast. They endeavor to respond to support tickets generally within one hour. Speaking from experience, this is not a false promise.

Google Analytics Versus ClickMagick

You may be wondering, “why should I use click tracking programs, to begin with? Isn’t all of this available on Google Analytics for free?”

Google Analytics happens to be a powerful tool. It is unbelievable that Google does not charge for this incredible program, especially when you take into account the details they provide you with.

Having said that, if you are looking for more accurate and granular data, you will need something more than Google Analytics.

ClickMagick helps you understand where visitors are originating from. It also tells you what is causing you to lose money, and what is helping you make money. That is what this click tracking program is capable of doing for you.

There are more than 20 different features ClickMagick comes with that Google Analytics doesn’t provide.

Statistics are shown in real-time. They are also completely accurate. You’ll be able to track sales funnels, smart link rotators, and monitor the uptime of each link.

There are many more features, but going into all of them would warrant an all-new article. You are encouraged to visit ClickMagick’s website and view the walk-through video shown on the software’s homepage. View it from beginning to end to find out everything you will be given.

ClickMagick Review – In Closing

As far as tracking software goes, the program you use should be the very best of its kind.

ClickMagick is a remarkable tool. It lets you optimize your traffic for the sake of guaranteeing higher profits and conversions.

If tracking software is something you are not very familiar with, you should consider giving ClickMagick a shot with the free trial they offer. That will allow you to gauge the product’s usability and functionality without paying for it first.

My prediction? You will end up falling in love with this amazing link tracking program.

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