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How Often Should You Pin On Pinterest?

How Often Should You Pin On Pinterest?

I recently was asked an interesting question on my Facebook group…

The member wanted to know…

How Often Should You Pin On Pinterest?

how often should you pin on pinterest

He elaborated on his question by mentioning that he found my 15 pins per day thumb rule challenging and if he can reduce this daily pin count overtime, if yes, over what period of time? If not, should my thumb rule be a forever strategy?

My answer to this member’s question is it depends!

While in the world of pinning there are some established minimum and maximum ranges for daily pinning, your daily pin count is completely dependent on the frequency of your content and the uniqueness of your brand.

Pin Frequencies

For content creators who want to really tap into the power of Pinterest for marketing, I believe a minimum of 10 pins per day will suffice.

These pins, of course, should be a mix of curated content and your own content. In the packages we offer, pin frequency ranges from 10-25 per day.

The maximum pin count should not exceed 25 pins per day. Unless your brand produces a ton of daily content and has customized Pinterest-ready images at hand, it is best to stick to the maxim frequency.

Regardless of the size of your brand, pinning far more than the maximum can actually harm your reach.

If you’re just starting on your content-creating journey, you probably won’t have a sizeable archive yet.

Or maybe you run an E-Commerce store with a small variety of products, then the daily maximum of 15 pins might even be overkill.

It would be best to start with 10 pins or fewer at the launch of your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Consistency is Key


Before you pin your first post, keep in mind that your success on Pinterest relies on your consistency.

When you’re consistently sharing high-quality content e.g. informative blog articles, or beautiful images that send visitors to your product listings, Pinterest’s algorithm will notice this and increase your impressions and the number of times it shows your content to other users.

Keep in mind, consistently means literally every day, even if you’re just pinning 3 pins a day.

Pinning every single day is much better than pinning a huge amount of pins sporadically only to not pin on other days. This can actually hurt your visibility on Pinterest.

As a Pinterest marketing enthusiast and strategist, I see a lot of newbie content creators come in and scatter their energy on every social media channel.

They post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and all the other social media channels they might get their hands on.

Once or twice a week, they pin a bunch of content on Pinterest, some of which get seen and some of which never get picked up by the algorithm.

This is not the correct approach to success on Pinterest. Pinning less frequently but more consistently is the best way to go.

Is pinning 15 times a day a must?

The short answer is no, however, if you’ve been creating content for a while and have amassed enough graphics for your posts on Pinterest then you should strive to reach 15 pins a day.

Even if you don’t have a rich archive yet, you can still achieve this higher frequency by pinning the same pin to multiple boards.

You can pin the same pin to boards with overlapping themes that are related you your niche and have topics that your audience also finds interesting. You can also use this same strategy for group boards to increase your reach.

Another way to go to achieve success on Pinterest with a small archive is to create different pin graphics for the same piece of content or product listings.

Overall, my advice is to start with a couple of pins a day then build up your pin frequency as your content archive and/or offerings increases, instead of starting with a high frequency only to reduce it as time goes by.

Side Note

I received another notable question that is in line with the previous one.

This member asked if you should delete pins you’ve previously posted that have 5 repins or no repins at all.

My answer to this question is that deleting pins is absolutely not necessary.

Deleting pins as a way to increase your Pinterest stats is a rumor that someone spread years ago, when they removed their unpopular pins and saw their stats go up as a result.

The problem with this strategy is that it doesn’t provide a guarantee. With Pinterest, you might see the results of a certain strategy work immediately, but that does not mean it’s necessarily true.

Don’t get me wrong, your strategy could actually work for your account, but you want to be careful not to jump to the conclusion too quickly that a strategy you implemented is directly correlated with a certain result.

My advice is to spend time on producing new content instead of spending time trying different hacks you read about online.

Focus on creating content that your ideal customer wants to consume and on having a consistent schedule of pins to share, so you can get more traffic to your website.

A great tool for scheduling pins (they are approved by Pinterest) is Tailwind. You can find them here.


I hope you’ve received some clarity on how frequently you should pin from this article. If you have any Pinterest questions of your own that you would like to get answered, just email me, and I’ll gladly answer them for you.

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