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How To Make Money With Clickbank

How To Make Money With Clickbank

One of the most lucrative ventures in online work is selling other people’s products. This practice is known as affiliate marketing. The article will show you how to make money with clickbank.

how to make money with clickbank

The business model of this practice is such that if you were to find an interesting product online, then propose to its vendor that you would help them sell this product on an agreement of commission.

Those new to this idea might be curious how these products can be found, how the vendor negotiations are to be engaged, and how a vendor knows that a particular sale was made because of your efforts?

More notably, you might be curious by what means the vendor will pay these commissions to you and how would you go about promoting their products to help boost their sales and, in turn, your own earnings?

Even more importantly, can you make a great living off of doing this?

Luckily, multiple platforms offer all of those solutions rolled into one place, and ClickBank is arguably the most popular and powerful platform in that regard.

How To Make Money With Clickbank – What Is ClickBank?

Simply put, ClickBank is an affiliate network. It is home to thousands of video, software, ebooks, and many other digital products. In a sense, ClickBank is the middleman operating in a vendor to affiliate relationship.



Vendors create listings for their digital products on the ClickBank platform’s marketplace. This listing becomes visible to many different affiliates who can choose to promote the product on the vendor’s behalf.

Each affiliate gets a tracking link and cookies so that ClickBank knows that if a sale was made, which affiliate’s efforts resulted in that sale happening.

ClickBank then disperses the commission for the product to the referring affiliate accordingly.

If you are confused, don’t sweat it. Things will be clearer soon. Most people start off on ClickBank as affiliates but become vendors later on, but this guide will focus more on how affiliates make money through the platform, as it is a much simpler method.

How To Make Money With Clickbank – Why Use ClickBank?

ClickBank is a legitimate marketplace and is nearly as well-reputed as Amazon Associates (Amazon’s affiliate marketing program). They are far from the only non-Amazon based marketplace of its kind, but there are a few reasons why you may want to consider ClickBank from the rest.

  • High Commissions: A lot of ClickBank products pay 70% commissions for their products. It might sound shockingly high, but might be less surprising if you consider that they market only digital products which have no production or shipping costs associated with them, nor any other costs that would affect a physical product. Therefore, they can pay very high commissions. Essentially, if you are responsible for a sale of a $100 digital product, you will make $70 for your affiliate sale.
  • Fast Paying: Many affiliate networks hold on to your money once you have earned it for 30 days, at which point it is paid out to you. That can be a long wait and could be prohibitive to cash flow if you rely on this money for a steady income stream.ClickBank pays commissions earnings as often as weekly and biweekly.
  • Friendly to Newcomers: Some affiliate networks are wary of dealing with those who are new to the affiliate marketing game. They are rightfully cautious of fraudsters with sketchy promotional tactics who may hinder the platform’s relationship with their advertisers and vendors. While ClickBank is not immune to these concerns too, they understand that newcomers need to have a chance to get into the game too in order to learn about affiliate marketing. It is hard to expect an affiliate to learn product promotion if they are not allowed to join the platform that engages in it.
  • Friendly To International Affiliates: The deposit payments made by ClickBank are done through Payoneer, a payment distribution platform effective in most places in the world (with some exceptions).
  • Product Choices: With over 20 different categories, ClickBank has a wide variety of digital products available on its platforms. That means you can find a product to market in nearly any niche.

How To Make Money With Clickbank – Is It Safe?

ClickBank is absolutely safe. It is merely a meeting point to connect vendors and affiliates. The affiliates can find affiliate products to market and get paid for doing so.

For vendors, it is essentially extra money on top of what they already sell in products, as they are able to make salespeople they would not have been able to reach without the involvement of affiliates.

ClickBank is essentially a megastore for affiliate offers, like Walmart or Amazon is for physical ones. You find a product you like and promote it on your own website.

How To Make Money With Clickbank – How Much Money Can I Make?

It is not possible to universally say how much can be made with ClickBank as it depends largely on the products you choose to promote and how you go about doing so.

But one thing is for sure: money can certainly be made through the ClickBank platform.

People commonly earn 3 figures daily. Let’s say one typical sale nets a $30 commission. That means that just 4 sales will get you over $100.

Depending on your expertise and promotional methods, you could start getting your sales within a matter of days or sometimes months.

Brand new users might experience a 2 to 3-month wait until their first sale is made, but from that point on, more experience is gained and things become easier.

If you need an example of a ClickBank affiliate making great money through the platform, consider Warren Wheeler of AMNinjas. In a recent case study, Warren was able to, in 3 months, bring a brand new affiliate website from earning $0 to $300 using ClickBank.

How To Make Money With Clickbank – The Blueprint For Making $500+ Per Day

Three major steps will be covered in this guide to getting your first ClickBank sale:

  1. Product/Offer
  2. Funnel
  3. Traffic

Before we dive into each of these components, let’s do a nutshell overview. Choosing the product or offer to promote is the first step, and while it may seem completely easy on its face, it is important to remember that screwing up step one could be prohibitive to your earnings moving forward because the other steps build off of this one.

The funnel is the point A to point Z journey that takes your user from the initial exposure to the promoted product (through an ad, link, or website), up until the point of purchase that the buyer makes through the affiliate link you provide. There are varying approaches to this which will be discussed at a later time.

Traffic is simply driving visitors that have completed their journey to your funnel.

How To Make Money With Clickbank – The Product

Before a product can be chosen, you must register with Clickbank as an affiliate by creating an affiliate account. It is a straightforward process that you can begin here.

Once an account is set up, head over to the ClickBank marketplace to start searching for the product you want to promote.

The most common recommendation when exploring the marketplace is to use the search box to filter down to the products of a niche you are familiar with and browse only the products that fit that niche.

clickbank find a product

Generally, we would agree, but there are reasons (discussed later) that we advise not making that your starting point. Instead of typing something in the search bar, just click the magnifying glass icon next to it.

This will bring you to an aggregate list of products from every available category. If you want to order the results in a certain way, you can use the “sort result by” function from the drop-down menu to line the results up accordingly.

To start, you can begin by sorting products by “Popularity,” but ideally you would want to browse these products by their “Gravity” instead.

Now you are looking to put any niches and categories aside and just focus on determining which products are good. The term ‘gravity” is listed alongside every product.

This is a measurable nature of the product’s efficacy in terms of being sold. The higher the gravity score, the more affiliates have made commissions from it.

And while this may seem like a no-brainer route to take, pause for a moment to evaluate some potential issues here. If the gravity score is high, and everyone goes by that, the competition for sales is high.

While this is not always bad, it is tough for those who are new to the platform to compete against experienced affiliates.

Most of the top products typically have several contributors to their success. Understanding these traits in order to spot them as present on other products, will help evaluate which products will sell well. A few things to note:

  • Strong Affiliate Tools: Most of the top, established products have pages already dedicated to helping you promote them, including ready-to-go ads, templates, and content.
  • Social Proof: The best selling products will have several reviews and testimonials to prove that they are in fact best sellers and that people are benefiting from these products.
  • VSLs (Video Sales Pages): Pages that depend on short, easily digestible, and engaging videos to promote the product.
  • Call To Action And A Strong Copy: If a sales page exists, it is likely very convincing and will pull you in to continue reading more about the product. It is typically written in a very engaging, story-driven manner, with a hard to miss ‘buy now’ button that will promote the likelihood of it being clicked. It is a bit of a psychological approach that drives the user to continue their exploration of the product directly to the purchase venue.

How To Make Money With Clickbank – Selecting A Product

Now that you have a niche (of a few) in mind that you are looking to cater to and you know how to determine the gravity of products, it’s time to select a product that you will be promoting.

Note this handy checklist in terms of product selection hit points:

  • Interest in the niche: This is quite possibly the most underestimated point in affiliate marketing. Selecting the right niche is important, but sticking to it because you are passionate or vastly interested in it, is a recipe for success in terms of being able to focus on growing the interest of others. Because you are interested in the niche already, involvement with it does not feel like work.
  • Gravity is not everything: Many would advise not choosing a product with lower gravity than 20+. This is not a hard rule however as products with much lower gravity can be promoted to sell well. As long as the product checks the other boxes on this checklist, you are in good shape.
  • Offering solutions to niche problems and the ‘wow’ factor: You know you have a potential winner on your hands if your target audience looks at your product and says: “I NEED THIS!” If you are knowledgeable in the niche, you should be able to easily judge how well this will work.
  • Sales Page: Having a convincing, clean looking, and easy to navigate sales page with a complete checkout.
  • Affiliate support and tools: Good vendors will provide affiliate support as they profit when affiliates make sales. That means that the easier they make the affiliate’s job, the higher the returns for them. Try to get in touch with the vendor to seek out some good tools and strategies.

Now, to give you an actual example I chose this product:

shin splints


While this product has less than 10 in the gravity score, it does meet the above attributes. Also, and most notably, it focuses on a problem (aches) and attempts to solve it.

In order to get your affiliate link, you simply need to click ‘promote’ followed by the entry of your ClickBank nickname. Then just click Submit to get your unique affiliate link.

Now, just copying and pasting the link can get you moving on promotions.

How To Make Money With Clickbank – The Funnel

Now that you have selected a product to promote, it’s time to think about the journey your visitor could today to reach a point where they will purchase your product. Here are a few examples of some popular user ‘journeys:’

  • Direct linking: Essentially, this is just sending users straight to the sales page of the vendor. While this method used to be effective, and in some instances works fine, it is not the best route to take. Your visitor needs to be ‘warmed up’ before they are shot over to the offer page. Because this route is so simple, it is still commonly chosen.
  • Lander > Offer: This is a more effective method than direct linking. The user will ‘land’ on a landing page created by you. In that sense, you are playing the role of the middleman between the prospective buyer and the offer providing vendor. This page can offer reviews, videos, posts, etc. Once the visitor spends time on your landing page, they might consider clicking on the link to then be directly linked to the offer.
  • Lander > Opt-in > Offer: In this method you send the visitor to a landing page, offering a free gift in exchange for their email address. Then, you use the email address to send the user more information about the offer.

How To Make Money With Clickbank – The Recommended Approach

While the third approach on the above list takes the most setup effort, it does have one huge built-in advantage. By collecting the emails, you are building your email list.

By having this list, you can reach out to anyone who has offered it to you and continue to promote products to them in the future.

It is no wonder that a famous expression in the marketing world says: “the money is in the list.” An email list is a vast collection that you can use perpetually to promote future sales to already potentially interested parties and virtually no cost to you at all. So how does one go about this?

  • After acquiring a email marketing tool, you can create a landing page with articles, testimonials, video, or any other informationally promotional features. (You can use the WordPress compatible ThriveThemes.
  • Generate opt-in forms: These forms will prompt users for their email addresses. To get started you can use Thrive Leads. The guide can be found here.
  • Email platform: Once you start collecting the email addresses you will need some places to manage them and to use in order to send automated emails promoting your product. A great tool for this is GetResponse.
  • That’s all. You have a product, a landing page, a lead magnet (your give away …could be an ebook or video) being given away on the landing page as a trade-off for the email address.

When a visitor reads your promotional articles, they get intrigued by the product and subscribe to get the free prize. You collect their email address and email them with GetResponse.

blue host hosting

Then, a short while later you open with your pitch to the affiliate product. Many vendors already have email swipes prepared for you, so you could check out their pages for inspiration.

How To Make Money With Clickbank – Traffic

With a landing page set and a product to promote, the only part of the formula left is to drive traffic to the landing page.

To drive traffic you could incur the taxing cost of effort and time, or just pay to get traffic to your site. Let’s elaborate on the difference:

How To Make Money With Clickbank – SEO

SEO (Search Ranking Optimization) is the methodology that permits your website to rank high in Google searches, therefore making it more likely to be clicked on after a user searches.

SEO is inexpensive or even free, as long as you do all of the optimization work yourself. It is a long term strategy that will keep bringing business your way for years.

On the other hand, SEO could take months to deliver on your first sale. Its tediousness is also unappealing to many who want a quick turn around with their affiliate efforts.

The setup of link building (especially when trying to rank against competitive keywords) can be challenging. If you are interested in the SEO route, this helpful guide can enhance your knowledge.

Steps on how to build a niche website from scratch for pure beginners can be found here.

How To Make Money With Clickbank – PPC

If you have budgeted for some paid traffic, you can invest in Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, or another offering of traffic purchases.

You can start getting traffic within minutes of purchasing it, but the flip side of this advantage is that when the campaign stops, so does the traffic.

If you have a lot of visitors/impressions, you will pay for every click. There is of course higher stakes and higher risks.

You can have many clicks, but no conversions, meaning you paid for traffic that did not manifest into sales. However, something possible with PPC (pay per click) that is not possible with SEO is the ability to quickly as new campaigns arrive and budgets increase.

Many people use the hybrid approach, combining both the PPC and SEO strategies. Those on a budget can focus on SEO. Once results start to develop from SEO, and your spending budget increases, you can double down by paying for additional traffic too.

How To Make Money With Clickbank – Organic Social Media

Whereas once Facebook was a king of publishing content and attracting followers from promotions, they have significantly scaled back its pages, and are now nearly impossible to utilize for organic traffic.

Instagram and YouTube, however, are a different story. These platforms remain big players in the sense of organic reach, with many affiliates doing really well by leveraging these platforms.

How To Make Money With Clickbank – YouTube

There is no one great approach to YouTube. You can make a video of a product with the link in the description box. You can also use your video to inform your niche about this recommended product to “upgrade” from their current investment. Fiverr is a good place to hire people for helping to make these at an affordable price.

How To Make Money With Clickbank – Instagram

Instagram’s organic reach is as strong as ever. Because Instagram is a visually centric platform, visual niches like pets, sports, and food do great in terms of affiliate promotions with a lot of interesting content there to consume.

The idea is to post interesting content multiple times a day using relevant hashtags. There are services you can use for hashtag ideas as well, like Hashtagify.

Follow users that share your niche of choice and engage with them via their posts. Connecting with influencers is another strategy many people use to promote their affiliate products as well.

There are even services like ShoutCart which allow influencers to be contacted directly.

How To Make Money With Clickbank – $500+ Per Day

All of the recommended options can be used to make money on ClickBank, and there is no one truest method of success. The most ideal path, however, looks something like this:

  • Pick a product that solves a problem, one that you believe in, and one that draws high commissions.
  • At the end of your article, provide a free guide to direct a user to something that makes them curious or something they would want to learn more from.
  • Once they have subscribed by donating their email to you, send them some more helpful and valuable articles about the topic of interest and once you have built out some trust, provide them with a link to your product.
  • Repeat this process along with some link building. You can start running Facebook or Adword campaigns to the articles in parallel to your link building efforts. When developing your website, make sure that you have at least 15+ pages for Google to recognize you as a legitimate page that can rank high in their engine.

While the above strategy requires a lot of work, it does work. If you prefer a shorter route, you can put together a landing page with an opt-in option and pay for traffic to get to it.

But beware that these pages are not likely to rank very high in search engines and won’t go far in terms of driving organic traffic your way.

If you proceed with the strategy of offering valuable content, you will build a long-term, strong asset that can utilize nearly every traffic source consistently to your funnel.

Hopefully, this has been a helpful guide, especially with those just starting with ClickBank.

To get started on your journey of $500 a day through Clickbank, you’ll need a website. I suggest wordpress for the platform and for hosting, I recommend Bluehost.

You can click here to get started with Bluehost for cheap hosting, a fast website, and customer service that’s out of this world.


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