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How To Make Money With Your Blog

How To Make Money With Your Blog

Have you ever found it difficult to earn an income from your blog? Monetizing your blog can be a struggle if you don’t know how to do it right.

Thankfully, there are many ways to earn from your blog, and today we are covering 10 surefire ways to do it.

So if you’re ready here’s…

How To Make Money With Your Blog

These tips are not only for making money ON your blog.

I also provide tips to leverage your blog for financial gain.


The best thing about these tips is that they are action items that you can implement today.

As you go through these 10 tips and depending on your traffic, you might not find all of them useful at the time.

It is best to not focus on those.

  • If your blog has low traffic but you still want to earn a decent income in a short period of time, then it’s highly recommended to sell products/services that are a little bit pricier i.e. if you can attract a couple of coaching clients and make a few thousand dollars, then you’ve still made a nice profit from your small audience.
  • In contrast, if you have high traffic and amassed a large audience, it would be wise to focus on affiliates or tripwire offers.

The point is the product/service that you offer is in some way influenced by your traffic and audience size and what your goals are:

  • Do you want to earn a little bit of money fast?
  • Do you want to make a huge amount of money as fast as possible?
  • Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone to achieve your goals?

When you are pondering how you’ll make money with your blog, be cognizant of your level of understanding.

So when you are looking for low-hanging fruit, make sure you choose something that you enjoy doing or have a level of knowledge or skills in place to implement… meaning pick your low-hanging fruit but pick one that is clicking with you.


Ads such as Google AdSense are considered display ads. These are ads that show up on your site after you sign up for them.

how to make money with your blog

These ads can be manually placed or through a feature called auto ads.

Some new bloggers use ads with a new site that had high traffic and made between $5 to $10 a day.

That is a great amount of passive income for a new site.

While auto ads can bring in some income, there is a downside to them… they just don’t look good.

So if you feel like having ads make your website looks cluttered than auto ads may not be for you, because these ads can appear literally anywhere on your site.

I personally like to keep my blog “clean” so I don’t do a lot with these kinds of ads. That said, it’s important that you be self-aware and make the decision according to what fits your style and objectives.

So again, when it comes to putting ads, it all depends on your goals.

Other Kinds Of Ads

If you dig a little deeper you’ll find that Google Ads are the most popular display ads, but not the only ones.


You can also put private ads or ads from alternate networks on your site.

Private ads are usually individuals working together instead of working with huge companies like AdSense or Mediavine. Here is how private ads work; one person reaches out to you and requests to pay you a monthly fee to have an ad on your site.

If done right private ads might bring in more income than AdSense.

If you have a new site and are about to do private ads for the first time, you can say something like this:

“What I’d like to charge you is (X), but I’m going to do 50% off of that for the first month, because I’ve never done this before, and I want to see how much traffic we can get.”

With private ads, you can charge between $1 or $2 a click when starting out.

When you have a clear example of how much income you can generate for such a price you can set your future prices accordingly.

Just make sure that your prices stay in the competitive zone because you don’t want to steer them to other websites with your prices.


Another way to make money with your website is to leverage your blog for review and sponsored posts.

A sponsored post is when somebody pays you to create one or more pieces of content that include whatever it is they want to feature.

A client of mine got paid $750 for a sponsored post for a simple educational video about a product.

The company wanted a third-party educational resource for their tool and because she has tons of experience and decent audience size, the company was willing to pay her handsomely.

That’s a sponsorship.

Instagram influencers are notorious for making money through sponsorships.

These influencers are getting paid to feature products, stay at Airbnb’s, etc.

Additionally, you can also write a review post about a product. Here are the ways you can get paid when doing reviews:

  • affiliate links
  • sponsored posts
  • giveaways. When it comes to giveaways, it is important that you understand disclosures. Make sure you understand how giveaways work before trying them.


Affiliate marketing has been a huge part of online marketing for ages.

It is one of the most popular online marketing methods because it is passive.

Many huge success stories of affiliate marketing exist in this space.

The bigger your audience size gets the more money you can make with affiliates especially if you grow your channel with high-quality organic traffic from Google.

However, the aforementioned does not apply to small audiences.

Unless you partner with an affiliate that pays out really well, you won’t make good money if you have a small audience.

So the trick is to find a really good affiliate that:

  • has a decent payout
  • is really relevant to your audience
  • you can confidently stand behind

With such an affiliate even small audiences can make a pretty good income.


With this form of marketing, you enter some sort of partnership with someone.

It might be on a large promotion to sell both your products; or one partner promotes the product of the other.


Courses, just like affiliate marketing, belong in the category of most popular marketing methods that bloggers use.

People often don’t realize how many options there exist when it comes to courses. You can have:

  • A standard course: this is the type of course that has maybe 20 videos, five sections, certificate at the end.
  • Mini-courses: these can be 7 or 14 days email courses, 1 module of a standard course, etc.
  • Workshops, which would have something like one video, one handout, one bonus.


Printables are a good idea if you already have a lot of education blog posts.

If so, you can turn them into a checklist printable that discusses how to implement the thing you’re teaching, and people can download a PDF to print off.

The main difference between a printable and an e-book is that an e-book can be a lot longer.

I would advise you to charge for an e-book that is over 15 pages.

Since many bloggers offer e-books as free incentives now, make sure the one you sell is high value and jam-packed with tips that can bring results.


As previously stated, leveraging your blog for monetary gain is a great idea.

You don’t always have to try to make money directly from your blog, you can leverage your blog with things like coaching, services, products, and memberships.

  • Coaching is usually during one-on-one sessions or in small groups and will have a higher price tag attached to it.
  • Products are always physical and can be anything. Just make sure it relates to your blog content. In all honestly, blogs are a great way to sell physical products.
  • Services are done-for-you things such as copywriting, Facebook advertising, building websites, audits of different kinds, graphic design, animation, video editing.
  • For a membership are often sold and people can join for as long as they want to. Memberships can be for physical products, for ongoing content, for accountability, for coaching, or for assets.


Even though it has been around for many years, monetizing your email list is not something every blogger does.

Email monetization can be a form of sponsorship e.g. if someone wants to send a promotion to my email list without getting involved in affiliate marketing or a joint venture, I can charge them to send that email to my email list.

With a list rental, you make a flat fee!

This can be seen as a kind of list rental as with affiliate sales or joint ventures, there’s no ceiling on how much money you can make.

Also, with list rentals, you’re not getting an affiliate commission if you send an email and charge someone for it.


Monetize Your Blog With These Options

Now that you know the different ways to make money with your blog, it is time to strategically choose the best options for your blog.

You don’t need to implement all of these. Instead, you need to choose the best of these options and focus on those.

If the main thing you do is coaching, don’t limit yourself to that.

You can also throw some courses in there or incorporate affiliate links into your blog posts or write sponsored content.

Whatever you do, find a combination that works best for you and stick to it.

Finally, if you enjoy my content…

PLEASE “bookmark”, “like” or “share”. It helps a lot.


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