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How You Make Money Blogging On WordPress

The question new bloggers often have is…

How You Make Money Blogging On WordPress?

There are several ways you can make money blogging on WordPress. Such as running ads like Google AdSense, selling other people’s products (Affiliate Marketing), or selling other’s or your own Informational Products.

Granted, this list is not comprehensive or exhaustive, by any means, but they are the main money-making strategies for people blogging on WordPress.

But why WordPress? Why not some other platform like Squarespace or Wix?

For me these platforms, while good, have their limitations. For example, on Wix you can’t change themes once you publish your site and on Squarespace the learning curve is steep.

WordPress, however, is comparably easier and because it’s so widely used, there are a ton of developers making plugins that make it even easier.

Because of this you don’t need any coding/programming skills to build and maintain your site.

How You Make Money Blogging On WordPress?

Google AdSense

how you make money blogging on wordpress

What Is it?

Google AdSense allows publishers/bloggers to make money with their content. AdSense analyzes the content on your website and your visitors and then matches it with ads.

So for advertises who want to sell products, they create the ads and then pay to have them placed on publishers/bloggers websites.

They pay different prices, depending on the ad and other factors so the actual amount you’re paid varies.

How It Works

AdSense is not complicated, which makes it perfect for beginners.

  • You make space available on your site to run the ads
  • Ads that pay the most appear on your site
  • You’re compensated for displaying the ads

Keep in mind AdSense is not the only game in town. It is a good place to start for beginners because of its low barrier of entry. There’s no minimum traffic requirement etc.

But there are higher-paying programs like ezoick. They do, however, recommend you have at least 10,000 Pageviews a month to run their ads, so it’s not for a new or beginning site.

How You Make Money Blogging On WordPress?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing can be an effective way to monetize a site for both beginners and advanced bloggers. It’s great because it allows you to begin earning revenue without having your own product.

Additionally, there are many other benefits:

Passive Income

Imagine writing one blog post, in which you incorporate affiliate links, and being able to get paid for those over and over again. Depending on how much traffic you have this could be a very effective way of monetization.

Consider this quote by Warren Buffet

Low Startup Costs

Unlike most businesses, that often need a huge outlay of investment to start, a blog and the few requisite tools needed to get it online, has very minimal costs.

For approximately $200

Here’s a quick list of what you’ll need to – keep in mind the first two are absolutely essential while the others can be added when budget allows:

  1. Website – You can hire someone or do it yourself – here’s a step-by-step guide
  2. Web hosting – where your website will be hosted
  3. Premium Website Theme – WordPress default themes are not ideal
  4. Email Marketing Service – to promote your email list
  5. Landing Page / Opt-in Page – to build an email list
  6. Link Tracking Software – used to measure affiliate links

There are those who do affiliate marketing without a website, but it’s much harder. You would be buying ads to promote your links, but this can be very expensive. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can lose a lot of money.

That said, as a beginner, I would caution against it.

If, however, you feel confident in your ability to purchase and run ads it can be very lucrative.

Additionally, it’s much quicker, but again only if you know what you’re doing.

Still, for some people it might be worth it.

Recurring Income

One of the great things about affiliate marketing is the potential for recurring income. While there are many products you can promote as an affiliate, I recommend finding products with recurring income.

Why spend the effort to make get a customer to have them only buy from you once?

Which is why you should find products which are subscriptions which over recurring commissions.

Here’s some of them. Just click the link most of them offer Free Trials.

Do What You Love

The beauty, if not necessity of successful blogging, is doing something you love, or are, at least, really interested in. I love fitness and internet marketing. So I started two websites aligned with my interests.

happy writing

Make no mistake about it, creating, growing and maintaining a blog is a lot of work, especially in the beginning.

Particularly, if you’re going after long-term, organic traffic it will take time.

Trust me, initially it will be a grind.


Because Google will take its time to rank you. It’s like meeting someone and forming a relationship. It will take time before you trust them.

Same with Google.

If you are doing something every day that you hate or are disinterested in, you’ll never stick with it long enough to make it a success.

By all means, pick a niche that you love. It makes all the difference in the world.

How You Make Money Blogging On WordPress?

Informational Products

Informational/Digital products are great to promote. They provide an incredible ROI (return on investment).

You see, unlike physical products where you have to have manufacturing, inventory shipping and other associated costs, digital products are virtually free of overhead.

Sure there is the initial investment of time and creativity, but once the product is created, it is virtually all profit.

It gets even better…

Because of this incredible ROI the products often pay really high commissions on initial sales. Sometimes up to one hundred percent.

At some point, as you become more established, you’ll want to create and sell your own Informational Products.

In Conclusion

Thank you for reading How You Make Money Blogging On WordPress. If you’ve got a WordPress website already then rest assured you’re on one of the best, if not the best platforms available.

So if you’re ready, what’s the next step? If you haven’t started building your blog yet go to this step-by-step guide.

Finally, if you’ve enjoyed my content PLEASE Bookmark, “Like” and “Share”. It would help me a lot.

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