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How To Increase Website Ranking For Free [10 Tips]

These tips can go a long way in increasing your rankings.

In researching how to increase your website ranking on Google for free, I wanted to make it as straightforward and as succinct as possible. So in a nutshell do this; create a better user experience through great content, which will lead to “natural” backlinks. Optimize website speed, compress images and include H1 and H2 header tags etc.

With a bit of planning and time, you can boost your site’s position within the search engine results page. Consider the following tips below:

Create A Better User Experience

The most important tip to consider when trying to find out how to increase website ranking for free is to improve the visitor’s experience.

SEMrush conducted a study on ranking factors that found the four most important aspects of a website – website visits, bounce rate, pages per session and time on site. (source)

Each of these has a direct effect on the experience your visitors have on the website.

Thus, to increase your website visitors, you must make the website user-friendly with useful information. This will ensure they visit the site and check out the different pages you offer.

This will all help to boost the search rank.

Create Great Search Engine-Optimized Content

A surefire way to improve search ranking and boost traffic is to create and offer high-quality content people will want.

The most effective SEO tactic is said to be on-page content development, so be sure your content is free of mistakes, rich with keywords, optimized for mobile devices and written directly for your target audience.

Additionally, make sure you include links to other internal and external content.

Attain Backlinks

Acquire backlinks, which are links from other sites back to yours.

When high-authority sites have links back to your website, it improves your own authority, leads to more traffic, and boosts the search ranking.

Boost Page Speed

Google had stated that desktop and mobile page speed effect rankings. You want to make sure your site is optimized and is as fast as possible. For a more in depth look at website speed optimization check out my article; How To Increase Website Speed Without A Plugin

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Therefore, you should improve the page speed and ensure it’s as fast as possible. This will help to give the user a better experience and improve search ranking.

Address Broken Links

If you want to improve website traffic and come across as an expert in your field, you must use high-quality links. However, you need to keep an eye on links to be sure they continue to work at all times.

You don’t want 404 error broken links, as this will have a negative impact on the user experience and search ranking. Be sure to use a link checking tool to find broken links on your site.

Image Optimization

Image optimization helps improve site speed and for Google to find images on the website. Be sure the images have been compressed, include descriptive file names and have alt text.

Include Both H1 and H2 Header Tags

Headers help to create easy-to-understand and readable material for both search engines and people. Due to their impact on Google search ranking, it’s always a good idea to use them.

They help to display the content and highlight the crucial points.

Utilize Local Search Optimization

More people are using smartphones to find businesses near them. If you want your business to show up in local searches, it’s important to claim the Google My Business listing.

This offers pertinent, useful content in Google Posts, list your business in local directories and boost your reputation standing by getting positive online reviews.

Voice Search Optimization

Perficient carried out a study that, for now, voice search isn’t as prominent as many think. However, according to Gary Vee it is going to play a significant role moving forward.

How To Increase Website Ranking For Free

If you want your website to be found, you need to use voice search phrases and keywords throughout the content. Make sure the sentences are written as you would speak them. (source)

Go For “Position Zero”

When someone asks a question via a Google search, the search engine will often pull bits of content from the site (known as snippets) to show to the person.

Featured snippets, especially those with a link, help boost traffic to a website, increase brand visibility and improve credibility.

If you want to improve your chances of Google featuring snippets of your website, be sure to provide clear, expert answers throughout the site and relate to your website and their questions.

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