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Is Project 24 Worth It – My Review

If you are looking to start a full-time online career, but are not quite sure where to begin looking, you might be scouring around for valuable advice.

But while there are many so-called “experts” willing to sell you their advice, most of them are just conning you for an easy buck.

is project 24 worth it

Since distinguishing credible experts from shysters online can be challenging, having a reputable and reliable source of information is crucial to learning the necessary skills to succeed.

Which brings us to the question:

Is Project 24 Worth It?

Income School’s Project 24 is an online business course that claims to assist you in building your successful career, but do they live up to their own hype of being the essential affiliate course, or are they just blowing their own horn while wasting your money and time?

In this post, we will do a deeper dive into the workings of Project 24 and try to figure out just how worthwhile this resource truly is.

What Is Income School’s Project 24?

Income School is an online business, founded by online entrepreneurs Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler, which provides online courses about making money online that aim to help those individuals that seek to achieve financial independence.

The courses range from lessons on everything you need to know about email marketing, content marketing, blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce.

One of the offered programs is Project 24, a course for those seeking to generate online income through the creation of authority/niche sites and blogging through a comprehensive step-by-step process.

The program includes 123 lessons that expand upon a 60-step process. The lessons cover a wide variety of pertinent topics including:

  • Becoming an online entrepreneur
  • Choosing a suitable niche
  • Building a WordPress website
  • Expertly optimizing content to rank the page high in search engine results
  • Driving traffic to your site and converting it to income
  • Finding niche-relevant affiliate programs

All the program’s steps are intuitive, straightforward, and simple to follow.

By the time you complete the Project 24 program, you will have graduated from being a complete novice to a full-time income-earning online entrepreneur.

Our Project 24 Experience

We were curious if it would be genuinely possible to build a sustainable website for our online business with Project 24.

All the tips and tricks offered are white-hat methods, so we were skeptical about how far that would really get us.

We are well versed in SEO and know how prone Google is to discouraging black-hat tactics, so this was a very intriguing test.

Because links can be manipulated too easily, Google has moved away from weighing them too heavily.

While backlinks are still important, Google has refined its reliability of rankings to be focused more on user behavior. This means if you satisfy both Google and customers’ demands, your business is likely to be a successful venture.

Project 24 is all about creation, so we kicked off our Project 24 training in November of 2018, publishing 38 posts, and outsourcing every single one.

We invested about $3,500 ($700 over 5 months) into the project.

By April 2019, our views increased, and while they were by no means mind-blowing, we were incredibly happy with the rate of growth.

We did not have to go link shopping and incur penalties, giving us more time to generate more valuable content.

Traffic grew slowly for the first few months of 2019, but spiked up in April to over 2,000, then nearly doubled in May.

From June to October, traffic numbers remained on a significant rise, with October traffic hitting its peak.

In all honesty, throughout that time our attention was diverted elsewhere, so after September, there were only 2 or 3 new posts.

And yet, October and November numbers remained strong, starting to dip a bit by December.

We were able to generate enough traffic to qualify for Ezoic in August, giving us a chance to monetize through that.

But ad revenue only brings in about $40 monthly, which is something that needed to be scaled if any real income was going to be made.

There were also some issues with our site we did not account for, nor did we anticipate.

Being in the travel niche, we did not foresee how competitive the nature of bringing in keywords would be to earn money.

The site took more upkeep than some other more sophisticated, more profitable projects as well.

Another pain point was finding quality writers for the site’s content.

While we worked with a few, they eventually went MIA, leaving us to scramble to find suitable replacements.

The key, as we learned, to be successful at affiliate marketing is to find what is working well and focus on doing that to the best of your ability.

As a result, we chose not to devote any further time or money to expand the web until we had more time to devote to it.

All this is to say that Project 24 is a worthwhile time commitment. Just make sure that you have the time necessary to devote to your site.

We know if we continued our steady pace, we could have been up to over 30,000 visitors monthly.

Is Project 24 Right For You?

Project 24 by Income School is great for novices to affiliate marketing, as well as those who have created a range of affiliate sites but are tired of the same old tactics.


Project 24 is perfect for you whether you want to launch an online company from scratch but do not know where to begin, or whether you have already begun one but do not know how to move it to the next stage.

Project 24 steps you through the process of getting your online business up and running and pursuing it to a point of success.

Among other things, the Project 24 course includes guides on:

Active Affiliate Marketers Struggling To Make A Good Profit

Project 24 can help you turn around a lackluster business that is just not making the sort of progress you expected from it.

The best strategy is to take this course on as if you were a beginner.

This way, you can learn the correct methods and strategies from the ground up and correct the mistakes you have already made along the way.

You can also leverage Project 24’s community and instructors to seek out helpful advice from experienced users who have put Project 24’s teachings into practice.

Experienced Internet Marketers

Even if you have been at it for a long time and have made good earnings, you may still have some great tips to learn from Project 24.

Perhaps there is a strategy or tip that had never occurred to you or been explained.

We can always be better, and Project 24 can help clue you in on some advantageous strategies that will help you help your business flourish even more.

Is Project 24 Worth The Money?

Project 24 is the perfect course for those looking to earn an income through niche or authority sites, as well as blogging.

People who choose to pursue the teachings of this course do so for a variety of reasons:

  • High-Quality Content: Project 24 at Income School generates outstanding content. The video and audio quality are excellent. The platform is also user-friendly and employs very intuitive navigation. The platform is great at keeping you posted on the latest news and strategies, informing you of any recent changes or tools.
  • Great Instructions: A lot of times people who teach affiliate marketing courses are far from capable instructors. However, Jim and Ricky from Project 24 are helpful and friendly in their teaching approach, with the constant goal of assuring that their students succeed.
  • Simple To Use: The course is designed to be user-friendly, making it suitable for both beginners and advanced students. Project 24 lays it out for you step-by-step, making learning how to make money online a breeze.
  • Up-To-Date: Jim and Ricky are regularly upgrading the course with new content. If you have signed up for the Project 24 course, they will make sure you get fresh and more useful tricks and techniques once they find them. They also participate regularly in the discussions, where they exchange more insights with their students.
  • Exclusive Content: If you are a student at Income School and have signed up for Project 24, you will have access to Vlogs, Podcasts, and insider knowledge that other students do not have. You will also be able to ask your teachers direct questions and have them address your queries to the best of their abilities.
  • Community: Project 24 hosts a tremendous community full of people ready to offer great advice and inspirational suggestions. You can also connect with people who are, like you, running affiliate marketing businesses. You can help each other get better based on each other’s experiences. Just to play it safe from wanna be copy-cats, we advise you to keep the address of your site out of the community.

The Project 24 Course Content

Project 24 is composed of 12 different modules (subcourses). Most of these are relayed as screencasts and videos. Let us take a deeper look into what each course offers.

project 24 income school

Course 1: Successful Website In 60 Steps

Likely the most crucial course of the 12 is the first one. It teaches the bedrock principles that anyone entering the affiliate marketing world needs to know.

60 steps comprise this lesson, including a walkthrough of how to create a website, generate content for it, optimize with SEO, and how to promote it once it has been put together.

The course is broken down into multiple subtopics that include:

  • Understanding SEO
  • Selecting the right niche
  • Researching keywords
  • Setting up a WordPress site
  • Developing traffic attracting articles
  • Optimizing your posts for search engine rankings
  • Online promotion strategies for your business
  • Creating resource pages
  • Creating YouTube and Screencast videos
  • Linking up with Amazon Associates
  • Generating an income from your site

These topics may seem straightforward, but the course is rigorous and systematic.

Nonetheless, the explanation is clear and easy to comprehend.

The course’s only flaw is that it does not go into Google Analytics, which is an important part of search engine optimization in today’s dynamic online market.

Course 2: Search Analysis

This course will show you how to identify subjects for your sites using practical tricks and techniques.

To keep traffic coming back, you will need to keep your content fresh and updated but running out of topics to address can prove to be a problem.

Search Analysis is a methodology for generating a long list of relevant topics to help you never run out of ideas about what to post.

This course breaks down into 4 primary subtopics that include:

  • Brand planning
  • Idea generation
  • Selecting the right keywords
  • Coming up with a great topic list

Course 3: Selecting A Profitable Niche

It can be difficult to choose the best niche.

You may assume what you have in mind is a lucrative niche selection, but after research and assessing its advantages and pitfalls, you may find it has little chance of producing a fair return on investment.

After the 50-minute video guide, you will learn how to pick a suitable niche for your website based on your unique interests or specialty.

Also, you will get an Excel spreadsheet containing at least 350 niche concepts, sorted in descending order from the most effective to least popular.

This list will offer you plenty of leads in selecting the right online niche for your business.

Course 4: Straightforward SEO

SEO is the optimization strategy of a website that increases its visibility by boosting its appearances in search engine results organically, or, in other words, without having to pay to have it appear at the top of the results.

This No-Nonsense SEO course is intuitive and easy to follow, but it is loaded with quality information, tips, and strategies that you simply will not be able to get from a free course on other websites.

The SEO points in this 50-minute video tutorial will hit on all the aspects you need for a successful online business by driving significant traffic to your site.

Google’s search engine algorithm can change at any time, which is why the Project 24 instructor’s layout SEO methods that will remain effective regardless of any Google-imposed ranking alterations.

That way you will not have to scramble for a new approach. Once you grasp how these tactics work, you will be able to start implementing them at your sites.

It should also be noted that while there are black-hat methods to rank higher in search engines, these are short-term solutions, which often cost those who engage in them once they are detected.

Project 24 offers only white-hat methods.

These approaches will have greater long-term yields and will not be subjected to search engine penalties that can cost you a lot of time and effort.

Course 5: Picking Up Web Traffic

Promoting your website on various social media platforms is a time-consuming, effort-intensive, and often costly venture, which can ultimately prove fruitless if the strategy and approach employed are incorrect.

Project 24 delivers the information necessary to bypass wasting time on social media channels that have little to offer in terms of benefits while teaching you the best social media promotional strategies to leverage to experience a maximum return on investment for your money and time.

Course 6: Email Marketing Basics

This course addresses the importance of building an email list and the power of its usage.

Some of the topics addressed include discussions on why email lists should be compiled, starting out with a free email list, then scaling up, and of course proper audience engagement tactics using the email listing with strategies of converting them into paying customers.

Course 7: Dispelling Myths

The keyword golden ratio (KGR) and its value in online business will be discussed in this course.

Almost everything you need to hear about KGR is explained in this lesson.

You can quickly grasp the concepts, put them to the test, and see how they work for you.

Course 8: Steps For Finding And Training Writers

As already noted, content is the lifeforce of your site’s sustainability and prosperity.

But when you are running an online business, and often more than one at the same time, you may not always have time to develop highly researched well-crafted articles.

Luckily, you can receive a great deal of help from outsourcing your work in this regard.

However, hiring a writer is not a quick solution.

The writer you work with may not deliver the type of article that is reflective of your voice and tone or even phrase the content in a way you like.

You may experiment with multiple writers until you finally find one who voices your content in the way you prefer. This can waste a lot of time you otherwise need to manage other facets of your business.

Project 24’s five portion course can help you find the right writers quickly and help to mold their style to what you are looking for.

The course will even educate you about training your writers on the necessary basics of logging into and posting their material on WordPress.

Additionally, the instructors will point to the best places where writers can be found and where resources are best spent to get quality, usable content for your site.

They will also address how to contract your writers and suggest multiple valuable job boards, tools, and plugins.

The one notable disadvantage in this course is that it does little to address dealing with the process of weeding out bad writers.

Course 9: Professional Photography

Photography is one of the most pivotal skills for an internet marketer to possess, and this course of Project 24 teaches you how to best take photos for your site.

This comprehensive course is made up of 22 lessons that cover all aspects of taking photos that resonate with the target audience to clearly and ideally illustrate your thoughts.

The lessons include discussion of close-up photography, shutter speeds, lighting, ISO, and aperture.

Course 10: Website Reviews

In this part of the course, the instructors provide 12 to 16-minute reviews of websites put together by other Project 24 students, pointing out the things they did right and where they came up short.

This type of critical exposure is immensely helpful to newer students who can then avoid some of the pitfalls that plagued their predecessors.

For many, seeing others’ work can help generate ideas, so the process can be quite inspirational.

Once you have heard the good and the bad, you can utilize what you learned to apply the benefits to your own site, with the understanding that not every strategy is compatible with every type of business.

Course 11: Improving Writing Expediency And Skills

This course is geared at educating you about writing better and turning out material faster.

This nine portion course will build on some of the concepts introduced in course 1, in helping you determine the right topic from your generated idea list, and then crafting a high-quality piece on the topic you choose.

The course will also address the structure of your writing in several, easy to understand steps.

Knowing the format of your writing will help you write better and faster than ever.

Course 12: Monetizing Your Site With Ads

Early monetization of a website is not necessarily a positive thing.

You may end up concentrating on the financial side of your website rather than producing quality content to create a stable base first.

However, with the Project 24 course, you will learn how to monetize your website early on without jeopardizing other critical facets of the platform.

This three-part course will teach you how to use advertisements to monetize your website pages without having to sell something.

In reality, early monetization might be the only thing that keeps you motivated to keep growing your online company.

The course instructors will show you how to use advertisements efficiently by finding and customizing the most powerful advertising for your site.

The strategies you will learn are designed to help you achieve the most sales without jeopardizing the customer experience.

Course 13: Adapting A Successful Mindset

This is less of a course, and more of a reminder: success is not a given. To be successful you must work for it, learn, and apply what you know to help you and your site grow.

A video clip of a talk Jim gave at the summit in Boise, Idaho, in October 2018 is included in the course. The video will teach you a lot about how to start and develop a profitable online company.

New Course: Leveraging Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

The most recent addition to the Project 24 lineup is a course that has been requested by many students, and one that teaches how to leverage Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog.

This is an important skill to learn because unlike other platforms (like Facebook) where you need to pay to promote yourself, Pinterest allows you to get free traffic.

That means that having a solid presence on Pinterest can significantly boost visitors to your blog.

The course even goes to show interviews with bloggers who have effectively used this strategy to generate tons of traffic to their own blogs, offering many helpful and insightful tips.

The Cost Of Project 24

The first year of Project 24 costs $449, with a $199 charge for every subsequent year that you remain as a member. In 2018, the price of the course was actually $349, but in open transparency,

Ricky and Jim did point out that the price would grow as the course develops and expands.

Of course, if you have purchased the course already, the price changes will not affect you, so buy Project 24 for $449 while you can before the cost rises again.

From then on, you just need to maintain a $199 cost to keep membership active.

Monthly subscriptions are popular these days, but unfortunately, Project 24 does not offer this option, requiring a full upfront $449 payout.

Once you have completed your training, if you feel confident enough in what you learned to proceed, you certainly are not obligated to remain a member.

If you do not need private forum access and are not concerned with any of the updates to the course, you are free to terminate your membership.


If you want to create a profitable online company, Income School’s Project 24 is the best online business training curriculum you can get.

The course is absolutely genuine and will show you how to launch and develop your own niche website.

If you follow the training’s suggestions, put the tricks and tactics into practice, and ask the right questions during it, you will be able to quit your 9-5 job and start making a full income from an online business.

If you are ready to learn all the helpful information that you will need to garner online success, you are encouraged to buy the first year of the course for $449.

If that is too steep of a price for you at this time, you can sign up to Income School’s YouTube channel where a lot of great content can be consumed free of charge.

If you are serious about making money online as a full-time business, Project 24 is a great choice to learn a lot of valuable information about starting a blog or an authority site.

project 24 ratings

If you are looking to get into that line of work, but are not sure how or where to begin, Project 24 is your answer.

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