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MyThemeShop Review – Can’t Get Much Faster

When browsing plug-ins and themes, WordPress users have no shortage of choices to pick from. They can be found in WordPress’ official repository, various WordPress stores, and dedicated marketplaces.

Unfortunately, the bevy of options at your disposal can make picking a suitable one somewhat difficult.

Making the proper choice is a major aspect of your website’s success, and it is not something you should take lightly. Your website’s theme will establish the layout and design that visitors see.

The plug-ins you integrate with your site will enhance the majority of functionalities it has.

To aid you in making an educated decision, the following article will take a comprehensive look at a great online store you can purchase WordPress plug-ins and themes from: [www.mythemeshop.com].

We will go over what the store offers, what its core features are, and what kind of products it sells.

Some suggestions are also available for interested buyers.

So without further ado, let’s begin!

MyThemeShop Review: What Is It?

MyThemeShop Review

MyThemeShop is an integration of a club and theme store. It tends to lean more towards the “club” sign of things because – while all the products they offer can be purchased individually, MyThemeShop gives club members full access to all of the plug-ins and themes they’ve developed!

You would be shocked to learn that MyThemeShop is the biggest WordPress club out there, boasting a staggering 600,000+ satisfied users.

Their catalog contains over 100 different plug-ins and themes (22 plug-ins and 87 themes, some of which are free).

MyThemeShop Review – Pricing

How does MyThemeShop’s plug-in and theme prices fare against the competition? Let’s have a look at product prices.

Besides providing several free products, this online store offers competitive pricing for single products. The average price of a premium theme is about $45, though some can be purchased for slightly under $30.

That’s more affordable in comparison to most premium theme suppliers out there. For instance, on ThemeForest, the average theme is priced at approximately $60.

Each plug-in is priced on its own. The costs start at $29 and go all the way up to $77. This is quite competitive in comparison to CodeCanyon and other developer stores.

To access every plug-in and theme that MyThemeShop has, you will pay various prices based on the amount of websites you plan on using those products on:

  • 1 website – just under $100 per year.
  • 3 websites – just under $200 per year.
  • Unlimited websites – just over $400 per year.

If you’re interested in using MyThemeShop’s plug-ins and themes on a lot of websites, you’ll find the club to be slightly pricey – particularly in contrast to other clubs of its kind.

Here are several comparison points you keep in mind (all pricing is for unlimited site usage):

One great thing about this club is your ability to put it to use for client websites. When support is needed, you will get it.

If building client websites is something that you do full-time, then you would do well to choose the unlimited option.

Also, active members will be able to access new products released by MyThemeShop.

MyThemeShop Review – Themes

Let’s go on to some of the more important aspects – product selection and quality. We will begin by taking a look at the WordPress themes offered by MyThemeShop.

Their collection is comprised of 16 free themes and 71 premium ones.


The themes designed by MyThemeShop’s developers were put together for usability’s sake. Each theme comes with an options panel where the settings can be controlled.

You’ll be able to regulate the settings of your theme, personalize the design, and even import demo content (for the sake of making the site look like the prototype version you saw before you purchased the theme).

It would be prudent to go over each of your customization options to their fullest extent, as each one is intended to make the theme more versatile in one form or another.

For starters, each theme allows you to use unlimited fonts and colors. Further, they come with an unlimited amount of background choices, which includes an assortment of embedded patterns.

You’ll also have the ability to upload any background image of your choosing.

Each theme is rich with features as well. You’ll find ad management built into them. There are also lightweight and stylish social sharing links, as well as contact form compatibility included in each one.

All themes come with include support for MyThemeShop shortcodes. This allows you to place mesmerizing design elements on your website effortlessly.

You’ll also be able to give your website a responsive design and robust coding. This will make it lightweight and clean.


These themes are divided into a quartet of categories:

  • Business (availability – 21).
  • E-commerce (availability – 6).
  • Blog (availability – 40).
  • Magazine (availability – 24).

It is easy to search for themes on MyThemeShop’s website. There are a ton of features you can go through that can be helpful for your site.


You’ll be able to search for various themes within each category we mentioned above. You can filter themes by their popularity and cost. You can also type in certain keywords in the search field to find what you’re looking for.

You’ll be able to preview each theme in order to get a sense of what the design will look like on your website.

These previews, by default, are displayed in a trio of rows, but if you want to see larger previews, you’ll have the option to change the setting to “list view.”

Available features for each theme can be pulled from the drop-down list. If certain themes don’t really provide what you’re looking for, they will be filtered out of your potential options.

There are a total of nine choices you can make, and you don’t have to select just one:

  • Translation-ready
  • CSS3/HTML 5.
  • Full width.
  • Fixed header.
  • AdSense-optimized.
  • Three-column.
  • Two-column.

After choosing one that catches your eye, you’ll be able to take a look at what their product page looks like. You’ll have the ability to read about the main features of the theme.

You’ll get a sense of how popular they are, as each theme is rated by community members.

Every theme includes demo content as well. Before purchasing a theme, you are encouraged to spend a little bit of time exploring the demo.

You have the ability to sample layouts, try out customization features, and see firsthand how it performs and looks.

The Most Popular Themes on MyThemeShop

The popularity of each theme below is not based on sales figures, as they are not publicly available. The selection is strictly based on the search function’s algorithm.

If you would like to see what the demo page of the theme looks like, click its respective screenshot.

Each price below is for single website licenses only. You’ll be able to buy multiple website licenses for a little bit more money, though.


From search engines to social media, the Schema theme is intended to dominate search engine result pages. This is accomplished by a meticulously-crafted layout that is also SEO optimized.

schema price

This theme happens to be quite quick, which is important since loading speed website is a critical Google ranking factor.

This theme uses a design that is stylish-but-simple. Also, it also offers you ad management and review functionality. Schema markup is included – a necessary tool that creates the rich snippets Google needs to rank your site properly.

Lastly, Schema includes a few different demos that are prebuilt – Shop, Default, and Minimal.

Cost: $45.

Rating: 5 out of 5 based on 322 reviews.


Social media traffic is regularly growing. Entire sites have been popping-up feeding off of social traffic. Anyone interested in building a social website should take a look at SociallyViral.


This theme comes with an assortment of different features to increase social shares, as well as to accommodate viral traffic.

You’ll get a slew of widgets for trending posts, social buttons, and even a way to monetize the site through AdSense.

Cost: $45.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 238 reviews.


As implied by the name, this theme, AD-SENSE, was purposely created to help optimize revenue from online ads. In order to achieve that, the theme comes with embedded features to counter ad blockers.

ad-sense theme

Its content-locking and ad management features deal with people who use ad blockers.

This theme includes ten individual demo sites that cover everything from technology to recipes. There are even themes for baby blogs! You can take a look at one demo below called “Viral” below.

Cost: $45.

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 based on 142 reviews.


This fantastic looking theme was built for coupon-based businesses. You’ll be able to showcase various coupons that can be used in all sorts of online stores.

coupon theme

The theme has an interface that is simple to navigate, as well. Perhaps its best feature might be the button marked “Show Coupon,” which lets users see what a coupon is just by clicking on it.

In doing so, an affiliate click will be earned by the webmaster. Ultimately, the theme creates a positive experience for anyone browsing the site.

The Coupon theme includes seven demo sites that are prebuilt. They include dedicated blogging and e-commerce options.

Cost: $45.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 162 reviews.


This multipurpose theme is suitable for freelancers, corporations, agencies, and other types of businesses.

corporate theme

You’ll be able to showcase your company using dedicated sections displaying pricing plans, testimonials, portfolios, services, team members, features, and much more.

A couple of demos are included with the Corporate theme – one is for generic businesses, the other is for apps.

Cost: $45.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 240 reviews.


In addition to themes, you’ll also find more than 20 WordPress plug-ins on MyThemeShop, four of which are free.

These plug-ins let you add functionality to the site. For instance, you’ll be able to add “coming soon” signage, notification bars, and reading time estimates.

mytheme plugins

You’ll be able to search for all sorts of plug-ins just like you search for themes. However, since each plug-in has different capabilities, the product pages for each plug-in will be the key places to find the details you are looking for.

Every plug-in page reveals its respective list of features, letting you know what it is able to do for you. You’ll see user ratings in addition to a convenient demonstration for every plug-in.

As such, you’ll have the ability to see all of them in action.

Popular Plug-Ins

We will limit this list of plug-ins to the four best options. A summary of each plug-in will also be provided.


This is a full-service SEO plug-in. Though it is fairly new to the scene, Rank Math has been installed on over 90,000 websites to date. It has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 based on 420 reviews.


This plug-in is an alternative to some of the more popular WordPress SEO options like All-In-One SEO and Yoast.

Rank Math helps you establish meta-descriptions/titles, suggest internal lots and links, optimize keywords, and add markup for schema, among other features.

There are a lot of resources built into this plug-in, to the point where it has a dedicated website of its own. Currently, it is completely free to download Rank Math, though for how long remains uncertain.

Cost: Free.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 423 reviews.


WP Review Pro gives you the ability to add review functionality on any website run with WordPress. You’ll be able to rate products with style using all sorts of customization options and rating systems.

wp review pro

This plug-in adds schema markup for you on review posts (this powers the functionality of rich snippets on Google).

Also, WP Review Pro lets visitors submit comments and ratings, which can be displayed under the review box. You can also create various comparison tables for the sake of contrasting products against each other.

Cost: $77.

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 based on 200 reviews.

WP Quiz Pro

This plug-in helps you build quizzes of all types for your website. You’ll have the ability to create online exams, surveys, or even the kind of viral quizzes you see on places like Buzzfeed.

wpquiz pro

WP Quiz Pro comes with smart marketing tools to help optimize your quizzes.

As an example, email addresses can be collected before users begin the actual surveys or see the results. Also, you can create list posts that are quite interactive.

Cost: $7.

Rating: 4.9 out of 5 based on 201 reviews.

WP Subscribe Pro

This plug-in allows you to showcase stylish subscription boxes and pop-ups for the sake of growing an email list. WP Subscribe Pro has an assortment of design choices you can experiment with.

wpsubscribe pro

It also offers exit intention technology support. You’ll be able to integrate this plug-in with popular auto-responder services for email marketing, which includes MailChimp and AWeber.

Cost: $29.

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 based on 262 reviews.


MyThemeShop provides 24/7 assistance for customers. Help can be accessed in the support forum. Answers are made public so that other users facing similar problems can resolve their issues without the need to contact support.

These forums happen to be quite active. You’ll find over 500,000 individual posts in the forum, most of which are support-oriented.

There is a dedicated plug-in and theme section, as well as separate sections for Premium and Free products. All you have to do is post your issue in the forum.

A member of MyThemeShop’s support staff will then reply to your message within an hour.

Instead of focusing only on premium members, MyThemeShop provides top-of-the-line support for everybody. The support speed individuals get will be contingent on whether a premium product was purchased or not.

You also see search functionality on the forum, simplifying the process of looking for solutions that you need. Queries that are resolved will be tagged as “Answered.”

There are over 30 video tutorials that teach you the fundamentals of WordPress. There is a tutorial video for just about every plug-in MyThemeShop offers. There are also videos that can help you fix common WordPress issues.

There is plenty of value offered by MyThemeShop, whether you are a paying customer or not. MyThemeShop provides ticket support to premium members and free users as well.

With that said, priority support is given to premium members, so it may be worth your while to become one.

In Closing

Ultimately, MyThemeShop provides a comprehensive variety of plug-ins at rates that people can actually afford. You’ll also get ongoing support. It is easy to understand why over 6000 people have used MyThemeShop.

You might be on the fence about buying a theme either through the subscription package or as one standalone purchase. Your answer will depend on your needs.

If you create a lot of websites, either as a member of a professional group or a freelancer, then MyThemeShop’s club membership will be worth your while.

Each theme comes with personalization options, allowing you to tailor a site as per a client’s preferences.

On the other hand, if you are creating just one website, then you’ll save some money by just buying the theme you need.

Alternatively, the club subscription will let you see what your website could look like using various themes. This gives you an opportunity to determine which of them will be best for the website you are building.

No website yet? Check out our step-by-step guide which guides you from start to finish.

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