Why Your Business Needs SEO

Direct Access To Audience

SEO has gone through many iterations over the years, but remains a critical tool for business success.

Since Google was founded in September 1998 it has increasingly become the go-to source for searching for information on the web, so much so that it has become a verb!

Can you even name the other search engines?

Okay, maybe some of you are aware of Bing, but seriously Google owns the lion share of the market.

Consider this, according to one report…

From 1999 to 2020, Google Grew from 10k to 4.6B Daily Searches

why your business needs seo in 2020

Imagine that – almost 5 billion searches a day. That’s right, every day. Day after day. And it’s all FREE!

What would it do for your business to get just a miniscule slice of that?

So how do you get your share of that traffic? SEO!

Why Your Business Needs SEO

The Holy Grail – Page One

The first five results on page one of Google, account for nearly 68% of clicks for that search term.

why your business needs seo in 2021

Additionally, according to Chitika the first page of traffic gets over 91% of the traffic.

That’s an enormous amount of visits to your website or offer.

If you’re not optimizing your site and content to rank for Google you are most certainly missing out on a huge opportunity for your business.

Obviously, you can drive traffic via paid ads, but why not access this huge amount of free organic traffic?

Although, like all things, the way in which our target audience will perform search – things like voice search, Alexa etc., which may lead to other forms of technology – Google is still the major player and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

Why Your Business Needs SEO

Establish Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness (E.A.T.)

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ad nauseam; “content is king”. Well, there’s a reason for that.

expertise authority trustworthiness

It’s true. Content IS King.

Of the many factors Google uses to rank your website/pages, none of them will be as important as the content itself.

Given that, it’s important to understand that the concept of E.A.T is applied to that content.

So on a blog the content would be a blog post and on YouTube it would be the video (and some text).

So as far as the creator is concerned, Google will assess…

● Their Expertise – how versed in the subject is the content creator
● Their Authority – how much authority does the content creator have (influence beyond their community)
● Their Trustworthiness – how much trust do they garner

In order for you to rank highly you will need all three.

Now be patient. It will take some time for this to happen. But if you consistently publish high-quality content that provides value, over time it will happen.

Why Your Business Needs SEO

Helps Minimize Your Cost per Acquisition

While it’s true that large companies often hire SEO services to help optimize their site and content, if you don’t have the budget you can do it yourself.

lowering costs

And, because of that it can, potentially, lower your customer acquisition costs.

The most important thing you can do to position yourself higher in Google search is to, consistently, produce content with high value for your target audience.

There’s nothing better you can do for your business than master SEO.

Quite frankly there is no greater ROI than position #1 on Google. It will return a truck load of FREE traffic repeatedly for a long time.

Why Your Business Needs SEO

SEO Influences Purchasing Decisions

It’s important to understand that according to one report, 81% of consumers research online before making a purchasing decision.

purchasing decisions

Providing the right product or service to the right customer is the primary purpose of a digital marketing strategy.

Using your sales funnel to convert them into a paying customer and, hopefully, a repeat one.

So how do you do that?


Providing the right information at the right time – understanding buyer intent to move them from seeking information to making comparisons to finally finding the best price point, i.e. making a purchase.

A properly optimized website (SEO) with rich, informative high-value content is critical for attracting consumers.

Using proper keyword analysis and providing the relevant content will bring in customers who are already interested in your product.

When you deliver an answer to their question or solution to their problem they are very likely to become a customer. Providing that you’ve earned their trust.

Why Your Business Needs SEO

Around The Clock Advertising

The beauty of the Internet, SEO and great content cannot be overstated. It can be the perfect marriage for your business.

24 hour

Just imagine potential customers seeing your offer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

While you may be sleeping, on vacation or, hopefully, making even more high-value content, your target audience is consuming your content.

Moreover, finding solutions to their problem and making purchases – the epitome of passive income.

Even if you have a brick and mortar (offline) business, your online presence (website) can be in continual promotion mode. It won’t tire or become frustrated, and it will just keep working day after day.

Why Your Business Needs SEO

Improved User Experience & User Retention

Treat your customers correctly by providing them with a satisfying product or service, and they will be loyal and return again and again.

user experience

“User experience” is one of the key factors Google uses in ranking your site.

Having relevant content and a website that is easy to navigate is paramount in gaining visitors to your website – a visitor who will come back often.

Your website should be intuitive, fast, clean and visually pleasant. User retention is important and is another Google ranking factor.

If a user comes to your site and doesn’t find the information he/she is looking for, they will leave quickly.

This is known as a “bounce”. It’s a negative signal that tells google that you did not provide relevant or quality information for the user, and so they left.

In other words they were unsatisfied.

That’s why it is critical that your content be not just high-value but pertinent to the users interest.

However, if a user visits your site – stays for a significant amount of time – maybe visits several pages – it signals to Google that you are providing a great user experience.

Google is then more likely to rank your page higher.

Why Your Business Needs SEO

Laser Targeted Target Audience

All traffic is not, necessarily, good traffic. Targeted traffic is essential.


SEO allows you to target your message to the people looking for your product or service without spending a huge amount of money to reach them.

Through keyword analysis and website optimization, you can determine exactly what your audience is looking for and provide content customized to their, specific interests.

No more wasted ad spend.


If you’re new or a long-established business, digital marketing (SEO) is invaluable to your business objectives – your bottom line.

SEO can help you build your brand, trust and ultimately your profits.

No. It won’t be easy. There are challenges to be sure.

But I would suggest, there is no better strategy you can use to grow your business and profits.

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